“Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” – Voltaire

“Aparna Mehra is a very empathetic coach who brings with her years of practical corporate work experience and coaching techniques and skills. She is a great listener who nudges you with perceptive questions, which lead to phenomenal insights. She holds focus on issues which are relevant to my goals, and encourages me to look deeper within myself to reframe and renew my perspectives on situations.


These skills have worked together to ensure I know myself better. I know my strengths now and play to them. I have an action plan to work on areas which will take me closer to my goals. She is genuinely interested in me as a person, and regular meetings with her ensure that I stay the course both in my professional and personal life.”

– Head of Marketing & Digital, Financial Services Company, Mumbai, India

“Aparna is a warm welcoming coach who travels with you through your coaching journey making it a calm and supportive place to discover and explore your topic with ease. She works with you giving you time and space to work things out, find solutions and go forward with confidence and stronger self-belief.


Aparna has a very calm coaching style, that puts the client completely at ease. She creates great rapport, trust and ability to make the client feel relaxed in the session. Throughout our sessions she always maintained the highest levels of professionalism created a safe space for me to bring my subjects to the coaching arena. I found that many aspects of work and personal life became more balanced with the new discovery made at the sessions, and I was able to create a better action plan that I could carry out and deliver.”

– Owner, Consulting Firm, London, United Kingdom

“I am very pleased about my progress towards my goals. A greater awareness about myself and my behaviors at work, has helped me pre-empt situations which could lead to undesirable outcomes. I consciously delegate more and am more accepting of others’ work. I have learnt to set expectations for myself and others more clearly, and am beginning to take steps to propel my life in a purposeful way.

Aparna has facilitated the process patiently without judgment, shown me a mirror to myself and opened up many new streams of thought and realization. She has always been positive, very intuitive, and able to rephrase and articulate ideas beautifully. She has also introduced me to new techniques that have helped structure my thinking better.”

– Consulting Partner, Market Research Company, Mumbai, India

“Throughout the 6 months of our collaboration, Aparna as my Executive Coach was clear, authentic and very effective. With patience and constant encouragement, she guided my navigation of professional crossroads with a structured yet creative method that helped me work towards my goals. I came away feeling empowered not just mentally, but also emotionally to tackle the swells of new career choices and pursuits. Aparna’s dedication to coaching was evident in all our interactions, and I truly believe this was a great partnership that continues to foster a lot of personal growth for me.”

– Head of Product at Tech Startup, Chennai, India

“As a coachee to Aparna, I experienced first hand her skillful guidance and warm, welcoming personality. Aparna’s coaching style enabled me to deep dive into core values and allowed me to take a new step forward in bringing my personal brand to life. I strongly recommend Aparna Mehra!”

– Diversity Specialist & Consultant, Brussels, Belgium

“Aparna has a calm, collected and empathetic style of coaching, with great listening skills, and the ability to drill down through clutter to see the pertinent drivers in behavior, whilst still maintaining a pragmatic approach to moving the client forward.”

– Owner Entrepreneur, Music Company, Sydney, Australia